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Cute and Cuddly
I couldn't go to sleep so  I picked one with America XD
"Jones likes me…" you said not believing it. Alfred Jones was an All American boy. You were just a chubby girl who was into anime, games, movies, music, world history, and cooking. Some would freak out on her if this was true  like the head cheerleader. She'd make your life worst then it is now. You would say hell is a paradise after she's through with you.

"Really ______! He likes you! You are the girl next door to him. He says you're perfect." Lilli said smiling she was so cute she was one weakness to you.

"But I don't know him and don't tell me things about him. It will make me feel creepy." If learned anything about people it was by talking to them and your friends knew this and took it as a chance. "Then go talk to him or we will." Elizabeth said as you groaned.

"What should I ask him if he wants to hang out and play video games?"

"YES!!!!" it seemed you got it right you turned to see Alfred  laughing with his buddies everyone called them the 'Allies'. "What if he has foot-"

"That ended a week ago ____~ You have to  talk to him or I will." Elizabeth said as you sighed


'Saved by the bell.' You thought and stood up. "Maybe another time. Lilli are we still good to hang out?"

Lilli nodded. "Yes. See you after school ____I need to go and remind Big Brother." She said before walking away.
-Time Skip bought to you by…..who are you Canada: I'm Canada-

The school day finally ended. You were glad because if was Friday and you mom and dad were away for the next two weeks. Now you can play games and watch anime to your little heart's content.  "_____!" You turn to see Lilli. "Hey are you ready to go?"

"Sorry ____ Big Brother and I have to go home be-"

"Say no one more you better go find Vash I don't think he wants to be kept waiting then." With that Lilli was gone and you were alone. You thought about going and buying some games and movies. Then later order a pizza or get a burger. Now that you think about it, the last time you had one was a long time ago you mom wouldn't mind. Heck you won't mess up the kitchen. "Games and movies….homework can wait."  You say as you head to the game store.

"Hey Chubby going to buy games? You're such a dork no wonder you're so fat!'

You stop if you kept walking it would only get worst you hated this. You tried everything to lose weight but your body didn't like it was fine with how you were and are. The insults were about it come at you again but instead someone else spoke.

"That's not cool dude. I play video games all the time but you don't make fun of me." You looked up to see Alfred  the kids looked at him and just turned and walked away not wanting to look bad or me made a fool of.

"Dude you okay?"


"You know what they said is bullshit. You're so not fat. You're cute and cuddly."

You blushed and looked down. "Thanks….Your Alfred right?" you asked.

With his signature laugh he nodded. "That's me the hero! So what are you doing by yourself where are you friends?"

"Oh they all had something to do so I'm just going to play games, watch movies, and eat a burger for the first time in a while?"

"How long?"

"Hmm two months maybe more."

You looked at him and see his face change to a state of horror. "Dude that's too long! We need to get you that burger stat!" he said.

"You don't have to worry I'll most likely stop somewhere and order one before heading home. But I need to see if they have a copy of black ops for me since they gave away mine my mistake…." You said. Alerd seem to be drooling.

"You okay?"

"Dude can I hang out with you? It will be totally awesome man! If they don't have your game we can watch movies and anime and just chill!"

Somehow you didn't mind hanging out with him since you knew Elizabeth must have made up that he liked you. "Sure why not? My folk don't care if I have people over while they're gone just no wild parties."
-Another time skip thanks to Canada! Canada: You remembered I'm here!-

After yelling at the manger for selling your copy of black ops again you spent a hour buying movies on 'sale' well Alfred bought most of them for you and you went to McDollals he ordered 50 double cheese burgers you told him not to worry about fries or drink because you had soda and can make fries for him. He smiled and agreed and when you. After 15 minutes the fries were cooked and you warm up the burgers that Alfred didn't eat.  You started with a romantic comedy and laughter and food well you almost died laughing at Alfred not understanding the mood of the moive. But moving on to more movies you look at Alfred. "Hey when do you need to be home? I don't want you to be in tro-" Alfred place a figure on your lips. "Easy babe after the movie I'll call my brother and see when I should start walking home."   You didn't argue and went back to watching the movie with him and soon you cuddled close to him and fell asleep.

Alfred smiled and pulled out his cell phone." Hey Iggy…..hey hey…I'm not coming home to tonight. I have someone I don't want to  leave alone."

After a while you wake up to find Alfred was still here and he was fast asleep but she was in his lap with his arms around her.


You looked at him he said your name? Why?

"Mmm your amazing ____.....and you're so soft."

You had no idea what to do until you felt soft lips on your cheek. You look to see Alfred wide awake with a smile. "____ I know you don't know much about me  but you're so amazing and beautiful will you be my girlfriend?"

You were shocked a hot guy like him wanted you to be his girlfriend. "But why me? I….I'm not skinny and not that-"  before you could finish Alfred kissed you on the lips and pushed you down on the couch. Breaking the kiss he leaves soft kisses on your neck. "You ____ are sexy. Skinny girls are fine but I don't want a skinny girl I like a girl with meat on her bones since she's more fun and great when it comes to cuddling." He said with a smiled. "So will you me my girl?"

After a moment you thought about it you learned more about him then you knew maybe being his girl wouldn't be but what you needed. You nod. "I'd love too."

"Good now let me show you how beautiful you are."

With that let's say you both didn't go to bed until early the next morning, and you know why he said your cute and cuddly.

So was it good? I know I might have to edit things but let me know if I should keep writing! And I think I spelled Alfred's name wrong due to the fact I'm ready to pass out…..
I couldn't sleep so here is is the first one shot for my Chubby Reade X Country collection!

I only own the story.

Intro(if links don't work right I will fix them):
Chubby Reader X Country: [[link]
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Emmawinterfrost Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
When I read "All American Boy" I for some reason started singing Sk8ter boi by Avril Lavigine.
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*A small tear comes out my eye" "I feel so loved"
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Admin: It was awesome!
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CrAzYhetalian46 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Admin: *too inncoecnt to get the last part* sooo we played video games till the next morning???
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QueenRandomTheFirst Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'm sorry but this was me until reading this over again...
Me: Soooo they watched movies until morning?
2p Atlantis: No-
Atlantis: Don't tell her!
Me: Don't tell me what?
UsUkLuv Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
This is the best ever!! I don't really get made fun of at school, but I get called a pillow and a stuffed animal... I seem to be the only person out of all of my friends that think it's a compliment.
Pewdelia12 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh no wonder my friend's call me America's twin! This is me!
symmetryfreak888 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013

the thing is... this describes me perfectly!^_^ I'm cubby, love video games, movies, burgers, pizza, movies, and most of all... ANIME!!!   CaramellDansen Emote 

Also everyone says I'm cuddly... when I had a sleep over with my friends, they used me as a pillow since we didn't have enough for all of us. uncomfortable for me but warm and cuddly for them. really good story! I luv it!

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AngelicOne19 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
I was thinking the same thing about myself!
Dviantae Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
You.Are.ADORABLE! APH: Onion Italia 8D 
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Will you be my friend please!!!

minanarulover Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
Amen, amigo!
Avalonfang3 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
This describes the things I like to do. I'm chubby and I love it. Make more please. Its really cute.
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how adorkable!!!!Sweet Rainbow Heart 
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I love it!
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EternalRavenDreamer Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Here, the problem with the link is that it has a few extra things typed in that messed up the connection
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DemonJem Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Thank you! :3
tweedledeekaoru21 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You are welcome. :)
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